Rad Fuchs Tip: Clean wheels properly


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From toothbrushes to high-pressure cleaners - there are many myths about how to clean a bicycle properly. But it can be so simple! Thomas shows you how in this video. And for all those who "prefer to read the book first and then watch the film", we have summarised the individual steps of an optimal cleaning process here:

1. leave the pressure washer

Even if it is well-intentioned, a high-pressure cleaner tends not to be a good idea when it comes to bike maintenance. The high pressure tends to spray the dirt into the bearings, which can lead to even greater contamination and damage.

2. spray with Bike Cleaner

To prepare the bike, spray it with a suitable cleaning agent, such as our "Bike Cleaner". As this is biodegradable, nothing can happen if you do this in a meadow. 😉 Spray the frame, tyres, chain and steering generously and leave to act for a few minutes.

3. rub with water

Now take a small broom dipped in water and rub the wheel thoroughly with it. In this way, the cleaning agent is once again thoroughly distributed and the dirt scrubbed away.

4. hose down wet

Then rinse the bicycle thoroughly with clean water. A garden hose, for example, is ideal for this. If the bike is free of cleaning agents, it should be left to dry in the sun for a while.

5. clean & oil chain

If you oil a chain, you should always clean it beforehand! We recommend our "Extreme Cleaner" for this. Simply spray it on a cotton cloth or old T-shirt and pull the chain through by turning the pedal. Then use a screwdriver to scrape out the gearshift rollers. When oiling afterwards, it is important to wet the links on the outside as well as on the inside.

6. oil the fork

Now spray the fork sparingly with a "fork deodorant". A very small amount is enough to make the elastomers supple again. The liquid is best distributed by applying pressure to the front wheel.

7. apply bike finish

Bike Finish" gives the frame its old shine again and makes it look like new after cleaning. Simply spray on and rub in with a cloth. Do not rinse with water.

8. chain wipe

After the chain oil has worked in well, wipe again with a dry cloth to avoid unsightly oil splashes on the frame.

Visit us in the store and get all the care products you need for professional bike cleaning.

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