5 mistakes to avoid when road cycling

Admittedly, the road cycling community is a tight-knit one that has developed its own rules over time. A number of no-goes quickly expose beginners and novices in particular. But we don't want to be like that and give you a few insider tips that will help you avoid one or two beginner's mistakes:

1. no socks are no solution either

Yes, cycling, especially on long journeys, is a quick way to get some colour. So why not do without socks to avoid ugly tan lines on your leg? Quite simply: because it's a no-go! Because among professional cyclists it's better to have tan lines than stinky feet! Besides, a white ankle is the best proof that you've been training hard 😉

2. stop the dust cap

Beginners on road bikes can be recognised from afar. By what? By the small cap that covers the valve of the tyres. Because, just like us racing cyclists, this is just unnecessary ballast that you can safely do without. Real professionals always ride with the valve open and leave the so-called dust cap at home:
- the legs must come easily to the pedals, a safe step must be guaranteed
- The brake lever must be easy and effortless for the child to reach

3. beginner's mistake: chain tattoo

Nothing reveals you as a hobby cyclist faster than the notorious chain tattoo on your calf. Therefore, it is important to always keep the bicycle chain clean and avoid unwanted dirt marks.

4. show your legs

Aerodynamics? Optics? Or simply because the pros do it too? There are indeed reasons why male road cyclists shave their legs: for one thing, it is easier to clean a wound after a fall on smooth legs, the risk of infection from dirty hair is reduced and plasters can be removed more easily; for another, massages after training are more pleasant without disturbing hair.

5. reduce to the essentials

Road cycling is all about speed. Thus, the primary goal is to be as streamlined and light as possible. Professionals therefore reduce the equipment they need to the absolute essentials. Mobile phone holders, radios or other creative equipment ideas on the handlebars are therefore an absolute no-go.