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5 things to look out for when buying a children's bike


There's hardly a child who didn't get their first or at least a new bike at Easter, right? But finding the right model is often quite a challenge. It's a good thing that there are professionals who are on hand with "wheels and deeds" and provide the best advice. Especially when it comes to the safety of our little ones, it's worth going to the shop - which is already the first valuable tip we have 😉 .
In this article, we have briefly summarised what else you should pay attention to.

1. buy in the shop

Probably the best advice is not to buy a children's bicycle online, but to go to a specialist shop. Here you will not only get good advice from professionals, in most cases you will also have the opportunity to try out the bike and thus find the most suitable model.

2. size matters

You often see children on bikes that are far too big or too small. Of course, you can't buy a new bike after every small growth spurt, but you shouldn't treat it like clothes, for example, and let the child "grow into it". If a critical situation does arise in traffic, it must always be ensured that the child is coordinately developed enough to have the bike under control. With models that are too large, the risk of losing control is correspondingly higher.
- the legs must come easily to the pedals, a safe step must be guaranteed
- The brake lever must be easy and effortless for the child to reach

3. weight comes into play

Because the same components are used, children's bikes are not much lighter than mountain or cross bikes for adults. If you mainly ride flat routes, this does not play a significant role, but if you ride uphill, it becomes noticeable very quickly. Kids may think gadgets like suspension forks are cool, but they only add weight to a child's bike without any real function. It is therefore important to choose models that are as light as possible without a lot of gadgets.

4. 3-2-1 gear shift

The gears on a child's bike should be easy to operate and as robust as possible. From the age of six, children can operate a gear shift, which is why a 3-speed gear shift makes sense from then on. This is easy to handle and does not overtax the little ones. In addition, the 3-speed hub gears are easy to maintain and do not break so quickly in the event of a fall.

5. a child's bike rarely comes alone

A helmet is an essential part of a child's bicycle. Here too, it is best to try it on directly in the store and choose the right model with the help of a specialist advisor. This way, you're sure to find the helmet with the perfect fit and can safely embark on new cycling adventures.

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