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SERVICE TIP: Before the first exit

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Spring is just around the corner - and die-hard bike fans are already in the starting blocks for the first ride of the year. Some are drawn to mountain biking in deep forests or on the highest mountain peaks, others want to train their endurance kilometre by kilometre on flat roads or simply enjoy the awakening of nature from its winter sleep on a more leisurely tour. Whatever your heart beats for, make sure before the first bike tour of the year that not only you, but also the mountain bike, e-bike, trekking bike, cross bike or road bike is fit.

Clean thoroughly

To do this, you should first of all Clean thoroughlyso that, firstly, it looks like new again and, secondly, you don't get your fingers dirty during a quick check.

Check air pressure

Next, check the Air pressure in both tyres. An air pump helps you to determine the current pressure in your tyres. Simply remove the protective cover from the valve, attach the air pump and check the display. If there is too much pressure in the tyre, you can simply deflate it. In most cases, however, there is a little too little air in the tyre, so you will have to top it up a little with an air pump. Tip: The print on your tyre tells you how much air pressure is optimal.

View brake pads

It is also particularly important to keep the Bbrake pads look at it. The best way to do this is to shine a torch or bicycle light into the brake caliper from below and look at it from above. This is the best way to see whether the pads are already too worn, i.e. only the backing plate is visible, or whether everything still looks good. If you can no longer see any pad layers, the brake pads must be replaced!

Lights, bell, reflector & co

Before the start, also check once again whether all the Lights as well as all applications prescribed by the STVO such as Bell, Reflectorect.) are functional.

Once your bike has passed your personal spring check, you're ready to go. We wish you a good start into the cycling spring!

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