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5 things you should always have with you on a bike tour

Fahrrad aufpumpen

A quick trip to the bakery or the daily route to work - if you cycle a lot, you know what's important in an emergency. And especially if you are planning a longer bike tour with your road, mountain, cross, trekking or e-bike, you should always have the most important bike essentials with you. We'll tell you 5 things that should definitely be included here:

1. drink enough

Never leave home without a bottle of water or a juice - and certainly never get on a bike without a drink! When you pedal, your body sweats and consumes a lot of fluid. And this is exactly what you need to replenish in order to avoid dehydration. In the most harmless case, dehydration can cause dizziness and severe headaches.

2. a spare hose

Whenever possible, but especially on a cycling holiday, you should have a spare inner tube with you so that you are not completely - pun intended - out of luck if your tyre goes flat.

3. the most important tool

For minor repairs on the road or to quickly adjust the saddle height, it is always worth carrying the most important tools. These include Allen spanners, screwdrivers, open-end spanners and repair kits.

4. enough money

Even if it often seems to many that they don't need any money when they're exercising or cycling, there are still situations in which a nest egg can be very helpful. Whether it's a flat tyre after which you have to take the bus or a taxi home, or simply a stop at a pub on the way - having some money with you has never done any harm.

5. good lighting

And should the stopover have lasted a little longer and it has become dark outside in the meantime, you will be pleased to have an adequate lighting system to guide you safely home.

Wondering where to get all that? Well, apart from the nest egg, we are quite well equipped in our store in Gmünd 😉 Stop by!

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